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Buying Game Balls

  • Creative Sports Enterprises – a great place to pick up current Wilson & Spalding balls
  • eBay – if it’s for sale, it’s probably listed here
  • Leagues & Teams – for current leagues, check their web site stores or write and ask about buying a game ball. Individual teams also sometimes sell game balls

Making A Game Ball

  • Wilson football manufacturing – Wilson makes 5,000 footballs a day at their factory in Ohio. That’s more than 1 million each year. This video shows some interesting parts of the process.

Outdoor Leagues

Indoor Leagues

Women’s Leagues

Related Links

Ben Haberek’s site illustrates helmets from just about any league you can name, including the ones listed on this site. He also has league and team information.

Helmets, Helmets, Helmets

Ange Coniglio’s site “Remember the AFL” has a wealth of information and images about the 1960’s rival to the NFL, including the AFL Hall of Fame. You could spend hours going through the material there.

Remember the AFL

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