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Indoor Professional Football League

Professional Indoor Football League

The PIFL was started by Dick Suess in 1998 and played it’s first season in 1998. After the first season, two team owners withdrew their teams and formed the rival Indoor Football League. The PIFL retooled and became the IPFL. The IPFL managed to survive through three seasons from 1999-2001, and was planning a fourth, when it folded. Some of the teams disbanded, while others moved to the National Indoor Football League.

The PIFL ball is a Baden composite model. However, the IPFL game ball is an unusual white version of the familiar Rawlings ST-5. The league changed the display of the logo slightly from one year to the next.

PIFL ball 1999 IPFL ball IPFL ball 2000 IPFL ball 2001 IPFL ball