Game Balls


Continental Indoor Football League
Great Lakes Indoor Football League

The Continental Indoor Football League began in 2006 as the Great Lakes Indoor Football League, or GLIFL, with six teams in the Ohio-Michigan-Pennsylvania region. When the league double in size the following year, it changed its name to broaden its appeal and reflect the widening geographic area that its teams call home.

Like other indoor leagues, the CIFL plays on a 50-yard field. But in a break from other indoor games, it puts seven men on offense and defense to create a feeling of wide open play closer to that of the outdoor game. Other rules are similar to mainstream indoor competition.

Starting with the 2008 season, the CIFL game ball is a beige composite model with the CIFL and Adidas logos embosed in gold on one panel. Prior to that, the league used an orange Spaulding composite ball.

CIFL ball CIFL 2008 CIFL ball
GLIFL ball GLIFL ball