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Canadian Football League

The Canadian Football League’s existence sprang originally from the country’s rugby organization, formed in the late 19th century. In 1909, the Governor-General of Canada, Lord Albert Henry Earl Grey, donated a trophy to be awarded to the team winning the Senior Amateur Football Championship of Canada, better known as the Grey Cup, which still is awarded to CFL champs. In 1993 the CFL expanded into the United States, with teams in five cities. The venture lasted three years before the league retreated to the north, but not before the Baltimore club became the first non-Canadian team to win the Grey Cup.

Canadian football differs somewhat from the American game in that the field is longer and wider than in the U.S. Twelve players make up each team, with one offensive player allowed in forward motion at the snap. The offense has three plays to make a first down, and no fair catching of kicks is allowed.

CFL game balls had been Spalding J5Vs for a long time before the league switched to a Wilson F2000. Unlike the NFL ball, it is a bit rounder and has a continuous white stripe at each end.

CFL ball CFL ball CFL ball

CFL ball CFL ball